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March 1st, 2014


Vermont, USA




Business Partnerships:






Steve Foley

Kevin Bailey

Edmar Mendizabal

Mike Burke

Sion Duncan

Sal Shakeel


Champlain College

About GameLauched is an international crowdfunding platform exclusive to gaming. GameLaunched is not only a crowdfunding platform, but a marketplace and site for all developers and gamers to engage each other and support game development. The most important foundation of our site is the Launch Crew. Currently we have over 120 panel members from around the world that represent some of the top gaming studios to some of the leading gaming news websites.

At GameLaunched not only are we a crowdfunding platform but, we have game i fied the site. User’s can earn XP by sharing crowdfunding projects and by donating to campaigns. To help developers big or small, anyone who crowdfunds with us will have access to our partnerships that are in place to help with everything from game PR/Marketing to server and online management. If someone on the site is looking for help, users can interact with our community in our GameLaunched community forum. In the forum you can get advice and help in just about every category in game development.

GameLaunched has some of the lowest crowdfunding fees in the industry and our goal is to provide a site packed full of features for gamers and developers. XP, Marketplace, Community Forums, Crowdfunding, and our course our Launch Crew. Help launch a game today on

GameLaunched has assembled game industry experts to provide critical feedback to developers before and during their crowdfunding process. With 136 mentors from around the world, no other crowdfunding platform can provide specific video game industry expertise like GameLaunched. Check out the mentors in the Launch Crew page.

Aaron Righter Owner
Adam Single Co-founder, Designer and Programmer at Sly Budgie.
Alexander Krug CEO & Founder SOFTGAMES Mobile Entertainment Servi
Alexandre Kikuchi Founder of Odin Game Studio
Alfredo Chaves Blue Lizard Games
Andrew Hughes AbZorba Games
Andy Pan Gaikai
Benjamin Taylor Co-Founder at Weaver
Benjamin Villhauer Head of Sourcing, Gameforge
Brandon Bertrand Founder of Launch Culture
Brian Shea Editor-in-Chief for
Camille Mirey CEO, Persistant Studios
Carey Chico President Zero Mass Energy
Carlos Fernandez Fdez Creative Director - Moonbite Games
Cesar Corregiari Co-Founder of Garoa Games
Chip Pedersen Studio Director for Concrete Software and FrostBit
Chris Forester Bus Dev Blue Lizard Games
Chris Stead Founder at Grab It Magazine
Corey Wade Partner, Sandbox Strategies
Craig Cirillo Owner of All Age Gaming
Craig Cook CTO for Playality
Dan Scott Executive Producer
Dan Yarrington CEO, Game Salute
Dave Sharp Binary Asylum
David Garpenstahl Entrepreneur
David Wood Independent Consultant
Guillaume de Fondaumiere Executive Producer for Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Soul
Dino Dini Igneous Entertainment
Ed Bainbridge VP Digital for Disney Interactive
Ed Di Eoreo Director, Worldwide Gaming Solutions
Emanuele Salvucci CEO at ForwardGames
Eric Lamendola GM of Slingo Studios
Eric Cummings C.E.O. Gaming World Wide
Ewan Aiton Editor at
Francis Ingrand Plug In Digital
Franko Fonseca Freelance Game Advisor
Frederik Hermund Creative Spark Studios
Gavin Greene Production Coordinator, Phoenix Online Studios
Geraint Bungay Design & Development Director
Germaine Gioia President, Playlife Media
Giacomo Balli Mobile Consultant
Giuseppe Crugliano CEO of Twelve Games
Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi CEO of NexoGame
Gordie Ross Game Guru
Graham McAllister Founder of Player Research
Guy Blomberg Content & Communication Manager for PAX Australia,
Henrik Jurgens CEO at Serious Games Finland Oy
Igor Boyko Editor-in-Chief for Game World Navigator magazine
Dan Long Community Manager / Video Game Broadcaster
Ivan Diaz de Leon Tinoco President for
James Deputy Product Manager at KISS Ltd.
James Tsorvas Managing Editor, Translator at Unboxholics
Jay Powell Founder - The Powell Group, LLC.
Jesse Sutton CEO at Majesco
Jimmy Gendron CEO at Mobile games startup
Jimmy Whisenhunt Senior Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment
Joe Brisbois Executive Producer/Biz Dev/Entrepeneur
John Grotland Founder, Principal for Grotland New Media, LLC
Jordan Hall Game Journalist for OnRPG
Jordi Fine Game Designer at Budge Studios
Juan Garcia Editor for IGN Spain
Jurriaan van Teunenbroek COO Youdagames
Leigh Walker Owner of
Loic Argelies Owner, Casual Immersions Entertainment
Luigi Fumero Development Director at Playerthree Ltd
Luis Parra CEO at Press Start Studios
Marc Lejeune Founder of EyeBoxGames
Marin Van Zwieten Founder/Managing director at Kirin PR
Martin Spinetto Founder & CEO of Widow Games
Matt Shores CEO of Empty Clip Studios
Michael Bolden Development Director
Michael Putz CEO of Bongfish GmbH
Miikka Lyytikainen CEO/Aniway & Chairman, Suomen Pelinkehittjt ry
Mike Swanson Executive Producer
Monty Sharma Managing Director MassDiGI
Nancy MacIntyre CEO and Founder of Fingerprint
Nathan Walker Co-Founder of Indie Game HQ
Neil Bason Freelance Games Journalist
Ole Goethe Associate Professor / Supervisor
Pablo Gorigoitia Castro Owner at SER Juegos
Paul Allen CEO n00b gaming Ltd.
Peter Lorenz VP Business Development , Jagex Games Studios
Philipp Rogmann Editor and Games Industry Veteran
Pratik Murarka Idea Guy @ Idealabs Interactive
Ray Willmott Editor for Expansive DLC
Raychul Moore YouTuber, gaming personality
Renata Honorato Editor for
Ricardo Pillosu Senior Technical Manager at Crytek
Rick Davidson Game Industry Career Coach
Robert Pitman MAROBI Entertainment
Roberto Dillon Professor @ James Cook University, CEO @ Adsumsoft
Roman Douville Parent Game designer and project manager for Illogika
Roman Zhikharev Director of Business Relations,
Sam Glassenberg CEO of Funtactix
Shai Magzimof CEO of NextPeer
Simon Etchells Founder at ARTIA Solutions
Simon Reynolds European Games Director for Avanquest Software
SJ Kim CEO/Avocado Entertainment
Stefan Gaasbeek Co-founder at G-Projects
Stefanos Dimitriou CEO & Founder Digital World Studio Ltd
Stephen Heller Editor for Pixels for Breakfast / Community Manage
Steve Tyminski Writer/ News Editor for GamerHub.TV
Thomas Adams Games Journalist
Tim Allison CEO Omake Interactive Chairman Virtual Gaming
Tom Christiansen Editor in Chief for The Indie Game Magazine (IGM)
Tony Pearce CEO & co founder gamesGRABR
Veli Pekka Piirainen CEO for Critical Force Entertainment
Vincent van Dieman Consultant at Gamershook
Volker Hirsch Founder, Mentor, Advisor, Investor
Mohsin Ahmed Producer, Zynga
Olivier Comte COO & Managing Director at Ankama
Paul Cebo President & Co-Founder of Norbsoft
Steve Biddick CEO of Omerta Game Ltd.
Alex Josef Partner at VIM Global
Coray Seifert Executive Producer, 2Dawn Games
Pim Bowman CEO and Founder of Gamious
Rodolfo Vega CEO of Synergy Studio
TQ Jefferson VP of Games Production, Marvel Entertainment
Matt Suckley Freelance Indie Games Journalist
Ted Nugent President
Mikko Honkakorpi
Uri Marchand CEO at Overwolf
Bogden Oprescu CEO
Brian Patience Video Editor at Edge of Reality
Roy Tzayag Head of Content Strategy at PlayIM
Rick Buonincontri founding CEO
Chris Mate Interactive Entertainment Executive Management
Peter Lovell Jagex Games Studio
Euridice Cabanes President ARSGAMES
Simon Kay
Joe Halper CEO and Founder at Grit Games
Wim Stocks Executive Vice President, Virgin Gaming
Erin Margolis Owner Game Dev House
Jon Jordan Director of operations
Mario Baumann Online Entertainment Entrepreneur
Eric Lacroix Co-Founder at Connection Events